Student Wellbeing

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer is renowned for the quality of the pastoral care provided for students, staff and families within the College community.

Pastoral care is an integral expression of the religious dimension of the life of the College. Pastoral care is grounded in God’s love for, and everlasting faithfulness to, humanity and takes its inspiration from the image of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

At Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College we believe that:

  • Pastoral Care is an expression of God’s love for all, regardless of race, colour, creed or culture;
  • Students have a right to receive relevant and compassionate pastoral care;
  • Students need to be encouraged to realise their potential within a strong, nurturing community;
  • Students need to be encouraged to develop and sustain relations of mutual respect;
  • Parents are active partners in the pastoral care of their daughters;
  • The College has a responsibility to respond to legislative and regulatory changes which affect the pastoral care of students;
  • Pastoral Care is the responsibility of every member of staff;
  • Structures and procedures must nurture an environment where each student’s full educational, spiritual, physical and social potential may be realised.