Religious Education

OLMC students study Religious Education for five periods a cycle in all years. The Religious Education Curriculum is organised around five main areas of study. Each of the five areas is given equal expression in the curriculum:

  • Scripture and Jesus
  • Church and Community
  • God, Religion and Life
  • Prayer, Liturgy and Sacraments
  • Morality and Justice

All elements of the school’s Religious Education programme aim to assist students towards:

  • Making sense of everyday life experiences in the broader contexts of mystery, complexity, confusion and awe;
  • Gaining access to the understanding of the traditions of the Catholic community; its story, its experiences and its teachings;
  • Celebrating the traditions with others; and
  • Responding to the activity of God in their lives and in the whole of creation.

The classroom Religious Education programme achieves this aim by developing in each student:

  • Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the message of Jesus Christ and of the Scriptures.
  • Knowledge, understanding and commitment to what the Church believes, celebrates, lives and worships.
  • The ability and willingness to review their personal experiences in the light of Scripture and the living traditions of the Church.
  • An appreciation of the value of religious learning as a life long process.
  • The ability and willingness to respond in prayer, celebration and service.