Diverse Learning

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College recognises that all students are unique individuals with their own needs, gifts and talents. We have a responsibility to cater for the educational needs of all our students and the college has a proud record of providing genuine care for students with special needs.

The Special Needs program provides a network of support structures and runs a broad range of programs. Some of these are specific to one individual student, small groups, in-class support and the Reading Program. We provide help with class work, assignments, organisational problems, special provisions for exams and on many occasions pastoral care.

Students are identified for inclusion in the Special Education Program in the following ways:

  • Information provided by our feeder primary schools about students who have already been identified;
  • Students with physical disabilities;
  • Students with sensory impairment;
  • Students with an identified emotional disorder;
  • Teacher referral – with parental support, psychometric assessment is organised and the results forwarded to CEO for classification;
  • Parental referral – psychometric assessment is organised and the results forwarded to CEO for classification.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College is committed to the development of an environment where every student is encouraged to reach their full potential.

Work Experience

The OLMC Work Experience program provides Year 10 students with the opportunity to have an authentic work place experience.

The 2019 Work Experience Week is Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd December, 2019. Work Experience packs are available on the website or through our Careers Advisor, Mrs Tracie Halfpenny.

Any queries please please email Mrs Tracie Halfpenny at tracie.halfpenny@syd.catholic.edu.au

The table below offers a timeline of events:

Student’s / Parent’s Workplace Learning GuideSigned by Parent/Caregiver and StudentNovember 2019
Employer Guide to Workplace LearningGive to EmployerNovember 2019
Student Workplace Learning Record

Section 1 & 3 – Completed & signed by Student & Parent/Caregiver

Section 4 – Completed & signed by Host Employer/Supervisor

Submitted to Careers Coordinator

Students will receive two copies of the completed document.  (One for their own records and one for the host employer)

November 2019
InsuranceStudent & Parent/CaregiverNovember 2019
Vehicle Travel With Host Student & Parent/CaregiverNovember 2019