Principal’s Message

Ann Freeman
Ann Freeman

Welcome to Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College, Burraneer.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College is first and foremost a Catholic school in the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy who foundedthis College more than seventy years ago. This Catholicity is reflected in everything we do here at the College- from the curriculum, the co-curricula activities, the prayer and liturgical life of the school, and in the ethos of Mercy and compassion that form the basis of relationships within the school community.

This College caters for the learning needs of girls only. We believe that single sex education offers some significant advantages because girls and boys learn differently, especially in the years of early adolescence.

This College is a Year 7-10 School, which we believe offers a number of advantages:

  • Students are given the opportunity to develop independence of thinking and self-discipline
  • The seniors are the Year 10 girls who are given opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills that are normally reserved for Year 12s in a 7-12 school. For example our College Leaders and Peer Support leaders are drawn from Year 10, as are the leaders of our social justice group, the Mercy Action Group.
  • Years 9 and 10 students have the advantage of the services of our Careers Adviser solely for them, they do not take second place to Year 11 and 12 students.
  • Our timetable is entirely built on the needs of the Junior Curriculum rather than having to fit around the Higher School Certificate timetabling necessities. Creativity and flexibility are possible without the demands of HSC assessment and curricula.

I hope that you find our website informative but if there is anything more you would like to know please contact us at the College. We look forward to seeing you at OLMC.

Ms Ann Freeman