Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

At Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College we commit ourselves to:

  • Living and proclaiming the Gospel in the light of our Catholic Mercy tradition
  • Engaging girls in learning that is relevant to the contemporary world.
  • Being an outward looking community that is sensitive to the needs of the poor.

Vision Statement

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College will be a school where:

  • The evangelising mission of Christ and his Church is proudly celebrated and is integral to College life.
  • The charism of Mercy is vibrantly witnessed across school life, parish connections and community ministry.
  • The dignity of each person is acknowledged, diversity is celebrated and restorative relationships are valued.
  • There is a positive culture of excellence in which all students strive to achieve their best.
  • Dynamic pedagogy that enhances learning and embraces the challenges of a changing world, is central to teaching and learning.
  • There is a mutual partnership between students, parents, and staff to support the learning and faith development of all students